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Disaster Recovery. Simplified.

Deloitte’s Close As You Go (CAYG) is a secure software as a service (SaaS) platform built to help demonstrate eligibility and manage documentation required for FEMA Public Assistance reimbursement.

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Accountability and transparency establish trust. Deloitte’s CAYG solution is a cost-efficient, decentralized, transparent, and fraud-resistant capability that empowers grant makers and grant recipients by expediting recovery documentation aggregation, cost eligibility mapping, and reimbursement request packaging.

Accelerate Recovery

Aggregate eligibility documentation for requests for reimbursement in near real-time 

Minimize Risk

Establish a single, immutable records repository that allows multiple viewers

Reduce Costs

Decrease inefficiencies at multiple levels of the review process

Build Resiliency 

Increase efficiency through automation of the eligibility verification process 

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