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How It Works

CAYG helps navigate FEMA's Public Assistance process so users can focus on recovery. CAYG's workflows reduce the likelihood of submitting ineligible expenses, referencing outdated contracts, or following improper procurement practices that could result in federal clawbacks down the line.

Product Features


An intuitive, user-friendly interface enables ease of use and quick acclimation to both the platform and process. Through simple workflows, users can validate documents against applicable state and local government regulations, certify data, and create compliant requests for reimbursement.

How does CAYG help demonstrate eligibility and compliance?

Enables a self-audit of procurement and contracting activities to minimize ineligible costs and maximize cost recovery

Indexes essential elements of information (EEIs) in documents for easier review by state agencies and FEMA

Empowers subrecipients to demonstrate eligibility and compliance upfront and be prepared for a disaster

Establishes a single source of truth that helps minimize duplication of efforts in compliance reviews

Preparedness Profile Module

Organizational profile

Plans, permits, policies and procedures

Vendor management 

Assets, equipment, and materials

Force account labor

Once a disaster hits, it is too late to start planning. Close As You Go helps you prepare, track, and review your documentation before a disaster so you're ready to respond.

Get your contracts and service plans in order before disaster strikes.

Manage and safeguard contracting paperwork in a single, secure digital repository.

Demonstrate compliance with the appropriate procedures for obtaining contracts.

Connect contracts to associated regulations, procurement paperwork, and more.

Event Modules

Document damages or impacts

Formulate projects

Pull requirements from the Preparedness Profile

Upload event-related documentation

Track costs and develop reimbursement requests

After a disaster occurs, work begins immediately. Close As You Go helps you document damages, formulate projects, and track costs eligible for reimbursement.

Upload documentation – Identify, import, and annotate required documents to associate them with applicable federal, state, and local regulations. 


Link to FEMA-obligated project worksheets – Associate your vendors, contracts, and invoices to one or many project worksheets.


Track verifications and certifications – Authorized users can review and verify records in the system to validate eligibility.


Submit reimbursement requests – Export comprehensive reimbursement packages tied to federal requirements.

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